Privacy Policy

Effective March 1, 2015


This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of Lenddo, Limited and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Lenddo", "we" or "us") in the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information about you ("Personal Information") on any of our websites (the "Site"), API's, buttons, widgets, features, content or applications offered by Lenddo (collectively with the Site, the "Services").


This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of Personal Information gathered, stored, processed and reported by Lenddo when you are using or accessing the Services. This Privacy Policy also covers Lenddo's treatment of any information about you that Partners or Third Party Providers share with Lenddo or that Lenddo shares with its Partners or Third Party Providers.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other companies' websites, services and applications that you can access, such as Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter. We attempt to partner with only companies that share our respect for your privacy, but we cannot take responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those Partners. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any Partners you access.


Lenddo receives information from various sources, such as: (i) when you register for the Services with Lenddo; (ii) when you use the Services; (iii) from Lenddo's business partners (e.g. Banks, E-Commerce companies) ("Partners") and (iv) companies and individuals with whom we contract to perform business functions and services on our behalf ("Third Party Providers") including third party websites and services (e.g. data that you have expressly authorized Lenddo to use from your social networks such as Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn).

When you use the Services, you are consenting to the collection, transfer, storage, manipulation, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

The information we collect is primarily used to provide, administer, improve and develop our Services; assess credit risk, identify and prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities; provide you with information and respond to inquiries; identify which of our products or our partners products you may be interested in; statistical and market analysis; perform regulatory controls or for other legitimate business purposes.

We collect Personal Information at registration, signing in to Lenddo through a Third party registration tool and, in general when using any of the Services (including but not limited to, the following: your name, email address, phone number, gender, government ID, date of birth, occupation, employment and economic status (income, employer) tax information (tax returns and other information about your tax situation), contact information (such as telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.), educational background, family information, bank or financial information (bank accounts, loans, debt, monthly expenses), pictures, why you decided to use Lenddo, information from your social media accounts, and a means to authenticate your account (e.g. a password).

If you provide explicit authorization for Lenddo to access data from a Third Party Provider, such as Facebook, we will access and collect the personal information about you that the account provides based on your privacy settings.

We also collect Personal Information about transactions and interactions with us. (e.g. from your web browser such as IP address, browser; cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies; or that your mobile device transmits when you interact with our Services)

We may collect Personal information from Partners or Third Party Providers when explicitly given access by you for the delivery of the Services we provide you. It's your choice which Third Party Providers Lenddo can access and you can opt out at any time. Lenddo will never publicly share or display your private updates.

We may also access public sources of information (e.g. national identity records or posts, pictures and other data you create and share on social networks). Most of the posts, videos, pictures and other data you create and share on the social web are available for the world to see. If you are uncomfortable with your data being publicly available, Lenddo recommends that you set your various social media accounts to private. For most networks, having a private account will limit your data to only those whom you allow access.
In connection with certain aspects of the Services, we may request, collect and/or display some information about you. We may also contact you via, but not limited to, telephone, automated email messages, sms, mobile notifications, direct mail or social media.

If you choose to use any of the options to tell someone about any of our Services we may ask you for your friend's information. Selecting the option to tell someone about any of our Services signifies your consent to send such communication from Lenddo to said individual.

You authorize Lenddo to confirm and verity the personal information submitted through various sources including, but not limited to, public entities, specialized or credit bureaus, contacting your contacts or an employer, as well as personal references. This information will be treated by Lenddo confidential and is for the exclusive use of Lenddo.

You authorize Lenddo to consult at any time a credit bureau, any other database or service that is relevant to know performance as a debtor, ability to pay, the feasibility to establish or maintain a contractual relationship, marketing campaigns, offering products and advertising in general.

Lenddo may record conversations between Lenddo and you. These recorded conversations can be used by Lenddo for internal or otherwise, legitimate purposes. You give full consent to Lenddo to make such recordings and will not hold Lenddo responsible in any way for any possible infringement of the law relating to the interception of communications.


We do not disclose your Personal Information except in limited circumstances described below such as, but not limited to:

  1. Our subsidiaries and affiliates as necessary or appropriate to provide Services you requested, to contact you in connection with Service offerings, to improve our Services, or for other legitimate business purposes
  2. Partners so they can provide Services to you. Joining Lenddo through a Lenddo Service via a Partner and/or submission of your Personal Information to us as part of this signifies your consent that we can supply your personal information to our partners. Our partners shall use the personal information, which you have provided, to provide the specific product or Service which you have requested and/or contact you about the provision of this request. Such parties should maintain the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information, unless authorized by you (e.g. displaying a Lenddo Service in your account with a Partner), and process the data in accordance with our instructions. We do not share this information with other Lenddo Partners;
  3. Third Party Providers as part of providing Services to you e.g., hosting our web servers, analyzing data, providing legal, accounting and marketing services, and providing other support services;
  4. Partners in joint marketing agreements so they can inform you about valuable products and services. Such Partners should maintain the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information, and process the data in accordance with our instructions;
  5. Government agencies, advisors, and other Third Parties Providers in order to comply with applicable laws, law (e.g., in response to subpoenas or government investigations), to assert or defend legal claims, and in order to investigate or respond to actual or suspected illegal activities, fraud, and threats of physical harm, or to protect the rights or property of Lenddo or its business partners,
  6. Partners, such as retailers, online and offline advertisers, non-profit organizations, and third parties when you direct us to share information about you:
  7. Lenddo is in negotiations to have new investment or to be acquired by or merged with another company, or if Lenddo is acquired by another company, to the investor or acquiring company.
  8. Credit bureaus or any other database, the details of credit applications, the performance of loan obligations and other information you have submitted.
  9. Or as required or permitted by law

We do not have control over the use of your personal information once it is shared by our Partners or Third Party Providers, and we are not responsible for their privacy practices. Your rights with respect to their treatment of your information will be governed by their own policies.

Your Lenddo profile is public allowing others to see your general information including, but not limited to, your name, profile picture, and Lenddo Services (e.g. LenddoScore™). This information may be accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people that are not part of the Lenddo community), be indexed by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and others without privacy limitations.


We have up-to-date physical security, such as secure areas in offices; electronic safeguards, such as passwords, firewalls, and encryption; and procedural safeguards to prevent ID theft.

Information you and our Partners provide and receive during the Services is transmitted through a secure sockets layer (SSL) transmission. We carefully select and monitor Partners, who have access to Personal Information, and we have specific provisions in our contracts requiring them to keep it safe and secure. We do not allow them to use or share the information for any purpose other than provide the Services to you.

We restrict access to your Personal information only to those employees who are required to know such information in order provide our Services to you. We train our employees on all our security procedures, and we conduct audits to check compliance.

You must also ensure the security of your information such as keeping passwords secret and not permitting unauthorized use of your account.

No security measures can provide absolute protection of data, but we will strive to protect your information.

If you choose to use our blog or our Social Network pages (Facebook Fan page, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Play Store, Apple ITunes store etc), any information you submit can be read, collected, or used by other users of these sites. We are not responsible for the subsequent use of information, which you have submitted to the foregoing sites, by its other users.

This Web site may be hosted by a third party service provider on servers located in the United States. If you are located in a non-US jurisdiction, you may be sending your Personal Information to the United States or another jurisdiction that does not have laws that provide an equivalent level of data protection to the laws in your home country.


The information provided will remain stored for the maximum time necessary to enable compliance with legal obligations and / or for provision of Services, accounting, contractual, fiscal and tax matters.


By establishing an account on Lenddo, you authorize us ownership of any data you provide.

You may request deletion of your account and information from the database in accordance with the provisions of the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

However you will not be able to delete your account if you have an outstanding obligation (e.g. loan) with Lenddo or any of our Partners.

You have the ability to opt out of certain types of information sharing and communications. You may tell us not to:

  1. Disclose information about you to Partners. However we may disclose information as required or permitted by law (e.g. to outside auditors and regulators). You may opt out of the foregoing disclosures by deleting your account.
  2. Display your Public Profile. You may opt out of this disclosure by deleting your account.
  3. Mail, telephone, e-mail, sms and mobile notifications. You may opt out of receiving these communications by deleting your account.


As a user of Lenddo, you have the following rights:

  1. Know, update and correct your personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or whose treatment is expressly prohibited or not authorized.
  2. Ask for proof that permission was given by you to Lenddo
  3. Be informed, upon request, about the specific purpose you have given permission to use your Personal Information.
  4. Submit complaints for violations of the provisions of data protection laws.
  5. Revoke authorization and/or request the deletion of data when a government institution has determined that we have engaged in conduct contrary to the law.
  6. Access your Personal Information.
  7. Exercise your fundamental right to habeas data.
  8. Protection of constitutional or other legal rights.
  9. Request information about who is authorized to access your Personal Information.

The procedures to exercise your rights are available upon request by emailing


Use of information we collect is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used.

Lenddo may update or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If any changes are made, Lenddo will

  1. Reflect the date on which any such changes are made and posted by updating the "last updated" date at the top of the page. Please be sure to check this page periodically for changes.
  2. Notify you by posting an announcement that can be viewed when you access our Services or sending you an email indicating when those changes will become effective.

Your continued use of Lenddo's Services will be considered as proof that you consent to and accept the changes to Lenddo's Privacy Policy.

If you object to any of the changes to the Privacy Policy you may also delete your account.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy you can contact us at

In the event that it comes to your knowledge that your personal information is incomplete, outdated, false unlawfully obtained, used for an unauthorized purpose or are no longer necessary for the purposes for which you have provided the same, you may request that it be rectified or removed, upon notice to us within a reasonable time.


Lenddo Services are intended solely for use by adults. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children. Lenddo recommends that parents do not post, or permit others to post, any personally identifiable information with respect to persons under the age of 18.

For country specific

You may have rights under Data Privacy Laws and other applicable laws in your country.

This Privacy Policy was last changed and posted on our Website on April 14, 2015